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Michael Tovmach

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<h1>I code things for the web.</h1>
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<p> I'm an official Webflow template designer and a certified expert. </p>

<p> I'm from Ukraine and we can speak in English, Spanish, Ukrainian or Russian you choose! </p>

<p> I enjoy creating things that live on the internet. </p>

<p> Since I was 16 years old my dream was to create a successful startup, at that age y started to learn how to code using python and understanding how the internet works. </p>

<p> My interest in web development started back in 2013 when I decided to create a website using Joomla for a real estate company where I was working then. </p>

<p> During the following years I built some django projects and trading bots but I needed a push to stop taking coding as a hobby and dedicate my life to it and that push was the global lockdown. </p>

<p> I studied all the modern concepts of web app development to become a true fullstack killer. </p>

<p> My current toolset includes TypeScript/JavaScript, React, Nextjs, Material-UI(Mui5), Figma some Node.js/Express and all the other various frameworks, libraries and technologies related to them. </p>


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Websites, web applications and everything that lives in your browser.


Creating original and intuitive user interfaces that best fit your business.

<MyApproach />

I am passionate about developing web applications throughout their entire lifecycle. It involves strategy and planning, prototyping, design, development, and then support. Working through all stages allows me to achieve a deep comprehension of the software and deliver high-quality work.





<HighStandards />

I always deliver the best quality of work by making the product well structured and following good practices. The web app will be ready to be uploaded to a server with excellent mobile adaptivity and SEO optimization.





<work: Things I’ve Built>

Galera Webflow Template

Webflow Template

Galera Webflow Template

A sleek website template for real estate agencies located in hot-climate countries. Showcase properties with stunning images, easy navigation, and a modern design. Help your clients find the perfect summer home or a second residence in a warm country.

Figma Webflow

Webflow Template

Arcos Webflow Template

Arcos portfolio template is the perfect solution for showcasing your work and skills as a designer, developer or creative professional. With our portfolio template, you can create a professional and polished online presence to boost your career. Arcos includes a personal blog.

Figma Webflow

Arcos Webflow Template
Montserrat Webflow Template

Webflow Template

Montserrat Webflow Template

Montserrat is an interactive CMS template designed for photographers with a nomadic minimalist lifestyle in mind. The template's main goal is to showcase your work in a simple way with a modern touch. Montserrat includes a personal blog to help you share your story.

Figma Webflow

Webflow Template

Sagrada Webflow Template

Sagrada is an interactive CMS template designed for architects, construction companies and interior designers who want to show their work with confidence. This template's main goal is to showcase your projects in a simple way with a modern touch.

Figma Webflow

Sagrada Webflow Template
Veleta Webflow Template

Webflow Template

Veleta Webflow Template

Veleta is a Webflow template specially created for psychologists and psychiatrists who want to promote their clinic. This Webflow template is clean, modern, has a calm color scheme and is easily customizable. Veleta includes a personal blog to help you share your story.

Figma Webflow

React Web APP

Real Estate Web

A real estate web application. I created the front-end and the back-end, you can search for real estate properties, add them to your favorites, submit an auto-filled contact form and upload new properties from the admin panel.

React Next.js NextAuth MUI5 MongoDB Localstorage Cloudinary Telegram Google-spreadsheet

Real Estate Web
Unglitch HTML Template

Website Template

Unglitch HTML Template

I created this template for fun and as a challenge, it is completely made by me, the design, the documentation and the code. Unglitch is a creative one-page portfolio template. This template is ideal for developers, designers, photographers and tattoo masters.

Scss Javascript Gulp Bootstrap-5


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Michael Tovmach
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